Daycare vs. Home Childcare–What’s the Difference?

Choosing a childcare option can be overwhelming. If you’re comparing daycare and home childcare, here are a few main differences.

What Is Daycare?

Daycares are usually larger businesses, with classrooms divided by age. Many daycares have classrooms divided into infant (0-12 months), toddler (12-24 months), two’s, three’s/pre-K, kindergarten, and school-aged children. 

Depending on enrollment, classes may be larger or smaller, and school-aged classrooms may have various cutoffs. 

Classrooms are limited to a specified ratio of children to teachers. In Ohio, daycares have the following child-to-teacher ratios:

  • 6 weeks-12 months (5:1) and (6:1)
  • Toddlers (7:1) and (8:1)
  • Preschool (12:1) and (14:1)
  • Schoolage (18:1) and (20:1)

Additionally, ratios must be appropriate for the youngest child in the room. For instance, an hour before closing, a daycare may only have ten children of varying ages remaining. If one of those children is an infant, the ratio must remain at 5:1 per the infant ratio requirements, and two teachers must be present because there are more than five children. 

What Is Home Childcare?

Home childcare is not a private nanny. Instead, home childcare is when a licensed childcare provider watches other children in their own home. 

Providers can care for their biological children, grandchildren, nieces or nephews, or step-children at the same time as other non-related children. The provider does not have to have their own children to run a home childcare business. 

Home childcare can be divided into two categories: small-family childcare homes and large-family childcare homes. 

Small-Family Childcare Homes

Ohio doesn’t require a license to operate a small-family childcare home as long as the child count doesn’t exceed six children. If the provider’s children are under the age of six, they must be included in this count. A provider can care for more than six children if they have a license.  

Large-Family Childcare Homes

Large-family childcare homes must be licensed to operate legally. They can care for seven to 12 children, but the provider’s children under the age of six must be included in the final count.

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