A Day in the Life: Penguin Crossing Academy

When someone else is watching your child, it’s easy to wonder what occupies your child’s time. Are they learning? Getting physical activity? Making friends? Eating nutritious meals?

Here’s what your child experiences at Penguin Crossing Academy.

Special Activities

Just like adults, children want to try new and exciting things. That’s why our teachers provide a variety of special activities that complement our outstanding curriculum. 

Even our infant and toddler classrooms incorporate fun but age-appropriate activities, like foot or finger painting, dance music, puppets, and more!

These activities expand your child’s world and encourage friendships with peers and teachers.

Physical Activities 

At Penguin Crossing Academy, we know how important gross motor development is for a well-rounded life. Exercise helps maintain a healthy weight and releases endorphins, so your child is in a better mood when you pick them up. Physical exertion helps them sleep well at night.

As much as possible, we let children play outside on our playground, where they can explore nature and challenge their physical capabilities. 

Physical games with peers encourage social skills like fair play and teamwork. While quiet or pretend play activities are valuable, the connections children make during physical games are often stronger than in quiet activities. 

For infants, we let them explore their environment using whatever physical capabilities they currently have. Our teachers are always helping the infants progress to the next gross motor milestone.  

Quiet Time

After exerting a lot of energy, it’s time for some downtime! This comes naturally to some children, but even kids with non-stop energy need downtime, too. Quiet time helps regulate the nervous system, teaches the value of calming activities, and helps children be ready to play together again.  

Our classrooms offer a quiet area for reading or resting. In younger classrooms, cots are provided for nap time. Older children may color, draw, or craft during quiet time. 

Free Play

Structured activities and following a curriculum have many benefits, but children also need free play time to use their imaginations. We provide items like costumes, scarves, and props so children can create their own stories during free play. 

Penguin Crossing Academy is proud to offer an outstanding curriculum that is educational, fun, and prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking to give your child a head start in school, contact Penguin Crossing Academy today!

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