Why Your Child Should Attend Daycare in Delaware, OH

Every parent wants their child to grow up to be happy and successful. While there have been many successful adults who came from humble beginnings, there is also significant evidence that points to success stemming from education and positive relationships in early childhood.

At Penguin Crossing Academy, we come alongside you in raising your child to live a happy, successful life! Here are some top reasons Lewis center is one of the best places to attend daycare. 


Every parent wants to know their child is safe. You can rest assured that your child’s teachers provide the best care. All Penguin Crossing Academy staff members undergo thorough background checks, and we place a high priority on experienced teachers for older age groups. 

Penguin Crossing Academy meets the state requirements for child-to-teacher ratios and classroom sizes. This prevents teachers from managing too many children, which improves safety and promotes positive relationships between children and teachers.

Additionally, all our staff members have multiple scheduled breaks during their shifts so they can be refreshed and ready to play, teach, and guide children throughout the day.


When you have a tight schedule, you want childcare that is easy to access. Traffic lights, backroads, school buses, and more, can be the difference between being on time for work or school and suffering the consequences of being late.

There are dozens of daycares in the Delaware area, but some of them are not as accessible as Penguin Crossing Academy. We are easily accessible from several routes:

  • Home Road
  • Corduroy Road
  • Gooding Blvd

Our location makes your morning commute and evening pick-up a breeze!


Taking extra trips to multiple stores can be a waste of time. Some daycares in the Lewis Center area don’t offer the same convenience as Penguin Crossing Academy. Our location is right next to:

  • Grocery stores such as Kroger and Aldi
  • Shopping centers such as NorthPointe Plaza
  • Fast food restaurants such as Starbucks, Panera Bread, and Chipotle

Penguin Crossing Academy’s location saves you time, gas, and money by being close to other stores and restaurants.

Penguin Crossing Academy is proud to offer an outstanding curriculum that is educational, fun, and prepares your child for kindergarten per state educational standards.

If you’re looking to give your child a head start in school, contact Penguin Crossing Academy today!

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